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Adas Tiles brings you premium tiles that are engineered to perfection. Each tile is made using state-of-the-art technology making them strong, durable & beautiful.
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How To Select The Right Tiles & Marble For Your Home

Tiles & marble are two of the most popular wall and flooring solutions these days. It is essential to gauge the various benefits of each type of tile and then decide which tile to go ahead with. You can select the suitable tiles for your home basis, the room and space, the size, and your home’s aesthetic. Looking for washroom tiles, living room tiles or bedroom wall tiles, Adas Ceramic has it all.

While selecting marble, you have a myriad of options to choose from, A long-standing and durable material, and one must have a fine eye to pick the suitable marble. At Adas Ceramic Tiles & Marble, our experts make this journey of selecting the right flooring and wall material easier for you. We got you covered with whatever you pick, from vitrified floor tiles to wooden floor tiles and marble flooring to mosaic tiles.

Different Types of Tiles & Marble For Your Space

There are several options when you look for tiles and marble for your space. Depending on your choice, Adas Ceramic can even customize the options for decorative wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles. Explore your choices:

  • Ceramic Tiles

    Coveted, high performing and versatile, ceramic tiles are gorgeous. A staple and eye-catching material, Adas Ceramic ceramic tiles are a must-have for spaces that are bound to see a more considerable footfall. There are many types of ceramic wall tiles, two prime ones being porcelain and non-porcelain ceramic tiles. You can pick different colours and textures that best suit the theme of your space.

  • Mosaic Tiles

    Made of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone, mosaic tiles are glazed or unglazed. They are smaller in size and are perfect for a backsplash on walls, like bathroom wall tiles, or you can also go for mosaic floor tiles.

  • Vitrified Tiles

    Vitrified flooring is relatively cheaper, and the tiles are scratch and stain-resistant. Ideal for commercial use, these tiles also come in a variety of colours and sizes. Adas Ceramic Vitrified tiles are the epitome of strength, splendour and high living.

  • Natural Stone Tiles

    For those who love to give their space an earthy and raw vibe, natural stone tiles are ideal for them. They also help keep the flooring cooler and offer an unmatchable aesthetic to the entire space.

  • Marble

    One of the oldest and most premium materials, marble has been used in homes to showcase luxury. Adas Ceramic marble is high in quality as it undergoes the triple reinforcement technology, and the precision-led design offers a shine like no other. Moreover, you get to pick from white marble, black marble, onyx marble, statuario marble, and Italian marble or Imported marble.

Benefits of Tiles & Marble

Tiles offer a variety of benefits, from easy to maintain and clean to scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. They are the go-to flooring and wall material that can be used for homes & offices. Moreover, tiles & marble lend your space a classy and elegant look. Choose from various designs, sizes, and colours available at NITCO and give your space a breathtaking revamp. From garden tiles and office tiles to white marble flooring, Adas Ceramic has it all.

Shop from a Wide Range of Designer Tiles & Marble at Adas Ceramic

Adas Ceramic offers you a range of options for bedroom tiles, kitchen wall tiles, exterior wall tiles, Italian marble and more. With many choices, Adas Ceramic is one of the best in the market for a range, quality and customer service. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles & marble.

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