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Welcome to Adas Ceramic. Where inspiration is abound. Choose over thousands of designs inspired by nature. Choose from different looks - wood, marble, vintage, textured, natural, modern and more. Select your choice of tile finishes from glazed to glossy, matte to rustic and much more. Welcome again, to the world of innovation!


Bring home an exquisite piece of splendor! Explore world's best quality marble sourced from the finest mines in Italy and around the globe. Enjoy the uniqueness of materials such as marble, granite, onyx, and semi-precious stones, transformed by Adas Ceramic into livable surfaces.


Don't settle for routine. Jazz up your spaces with Adas Ceramic. Check out an array of materials, textures & designs through our collections that help you turn your ideas & dreams into reality. Whether you need your design to be specially crafted in mosaic or have a customisation requirement, we can assist you.

About Adas Ceramic

Adas Ceramic is a trusted name in the Ceramic Industry from designer wall tiles and designer floor tiles to outdoor tiles and commercial tiles. We offer an unmatched sales experience as our foundation lies in product quality and impeccable customer service. Since  our inception in 1995, We have remained rooted in our core values as innovation, product quality service and asordable rates, making us one of the best tiles comanies in India. With our exhaustive collection as wall tiles, floor tiles & sanitary ware, we have expanded our customer base oversed and have a sizable clientele in various other countries.

Our vision is to improve the quality and design of products continuously and to increase customer focus. Adas Ceramic easily ranks higher in the list of best tile brands in India.

1. We don’t fight price, only fight quality, service, after-sales.

2. We can’t guarantee the lowest price, but we can guarantee you the highest quality goods and all kinds of inspection.

3. We only do repeat business, not one-time business.

4.We are determined to make every customer worry-free shopping.

5. Trust us! Choose us! We will not disappoint your trust and expectations!

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